Our Vision

Play. Grow. Belong.

Our name is no accident. We know how amazing the first years of a child’s life is and we count ourselves very lucky to be part of the lives of so many of the children in our community from birth right up to 11 years old.

We are passionate about the work that we do and believe that, for every child to succeed, it is extremely important that during their time at our setting they are:

In order to help us achieve these aims, our staff we will always be:

Our setting organisation and routine is also tightly focussed on these goals:


  • Support children’s choices
  • Give choices: resources / snacks / indoor or outdoor play
  • Use in the moment planning
  • Give responsibility around routine tasks – snack, lunch etc.


  • Encourage cooperation
  • Positively role model
  • Respect each other
  • Give children real life experiences of nature, e.g. caterpillars, egg hatching
  • Forest school
  • Discuss feelings explicitly
  • Use story/circle time to build empathy
  • Share rules and boundaries
  • Set behavioural expectations
  • Celebrate a range of festivals
  • Explore feelings and ideas
  • Include all children



Part of our community