Tell us about Richard’s adventures

From time to time Richard, our Empathy Doll, likes to come and play and be a guest in our pre-school children’s homes.

Richard should be accepted as having his own characteristics and likes and dislikes. Through imaginative play with Richard, you will be encouraging your child’s ability to empathise with other people and teach them vital personal, social and emotional development skills.

Richard will bring a suitcase home with him, which has a change of clothes, an all in one suit (for sleeping in) toothbrush and hairbrush.

A member of staff will have told you when Richard should next attend Pre-School. We would be grateful if you could return him by that time so he can then go on his next adventure!

We would love to hear what Richard and your child has been doing. We welcome you to share some of those memories by using the form below.

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